Holiday Gift Guides!

With the holidays quickly approaching, I figured I’d use this as an opportunity to share a guide to gift giving, from the perspective of someone who is obsessed with… things. Anyone who has been in my room can attest to the fact that I’m definitely a slight hoarder. Let me put my shopping addiction onto… Continue reading Holiday Gift Guides!


making the most of your weekends

making the most of your weekends:  i like to think of my weekends as the perfect time to get yourself ready for the week ahead of you. here is how to do it to avoid the sunday scaries and be your best you.  step one. set the mood: good lighting is a must when trying… Continue reading making the most of your weekends

a little update + the importance of self-love​

hello everyone! i’m back!  i apologize for my short hiatus, the adjustment to college was a little rougher than i was anticipating, but things have smoothed out and i’m trying to get back on schedule… i promise.  for today, i’m here to talk about the importance of self-love/ care. being in a new environment with new… Continue reading a little update + the importance of self-love​