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Hello MTV, and welcome to my crib. Kidding. Hello everyone, and welcome to my first post on my brand new, state of the art blog. My name is Chloe and I’m beyond excited to get this blog up and running. I’m starting this blog for advice, inspiration, and somewhat as an outlet for my own benefit (don’t worry, I’ll turn it into something constructive!) 

My hopes and dreams for this blog is to help others who need some guidance, and to reach as many people as I can in a positive way! I hope in ten years I can look back on these posts, and see personal growth and manifestation first hand, through my own writing. 

You can look forward to high school advice, all about the Catholic high school experience (but not limited to), and lifestyle/beauty columns. I’m stoked to get this started, and I’m going to finish off this initial post with some interesting (?) facts about yours truly!

  • I am eighteen years old, a proud Aries, and I grew up on the east coast!
  • I have three tattoos, an angel wing on my inner arm, ‘you are my sunshine’ beautifully done on my forearm, and my parents’ initials above my elbow. I definitely want to get more in the near future!
  • I have two dogs, who, to put it lightly, run. my. freaking. world. They are the infamous Mocha, and the sweet Lola, both chocolate labs.
  • I am a freshman in college, and I dream of going to law school once I’m finished with my undergrad. 

To sum this up, I’m starting this blog for you. And for me. This is pretty much for anyone who feels lost, uninspired, or in need of something, without knowing exactly what. I’m right there with you. While I try to better myself and become inspired, I hope to spark any form of emotion inside of the beautiful human being taking time out of their day to give me a chance at inspiring.

Welcome to me.

All my love, XO Chloe.




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