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With school starting back up for everyone within the next few weeks, I’ve decided to use today’s post as a way to share some of my advice, tips, and stories all about high school. Disclaimer: I did go to a Catholic High school, so some of the things I’m about to talk about are specific to the Catholic school experience, but I’ll try to make it as inclusive as possible.

First things first— DRAMA. Any high school you go to, there will be drama. It’s inevitable. My advice on drama is to just stay out of it. It took me an unreal amount of time to realize this, and although I thought I was doing a good job at staying out of it and not picking sides, I found myself actually being the source of a lot of it. This is counterproductive, and I became a huge hypocrite. Once I realized the fault of my ways, I decided to just remove everyone from my life who was making it impossible to live without drama. At times it was hard, because the school itself was so small, but I found myself becoming a more and more independent person, which is something I’m hoping will be useful in college.

Mean girls. They’re everywhere. Make sure you don’t become one yourself! This is also something I struggled with. Be nice to everyone, talk to as many people as your schedule will allow and don’t judge anyone based on what other’s think about them— a lot of the time, they’re wrong. 

Try to avoid cliques as much as you can. I know sometimes it isn’t a bad thing to be part of a clique (i.e, theater kids, athletes, etc.), but when your group of friends becomes so exclusionary that other people feel intimidated or threatened by you and your friends, there becomes a big problem. Catholic school specifically was very cliquey, and a lot of the times it was based off of the grade school that people grew up in. I don’t even think this is a bad thing— you grow up with people and you become extremely close with them and their families, and a lot of the time those are your lifelong friends. However, it becomes kind of sad when those people don’t feel the need to make other friends and include people outside of that community. People who don’t want to include everyone are the people you should stay away from! 

Dating in high school can be so sweet but also so ..not..sweet. I was the type of person who always wanted to be in a relationship or talking to someone, and this only caused me to become dependent on others. While I had an amazing time while in those relationships, I wish I could’ve been able to focus 100% on myself. It’s hard to grow individually while also trying to grow alongside someone else.

I was extremely lucky in high school because I found a handful of amazing, selfless people that I can tell will be in my life for the long haul. I had (and still have) an amazing group of friends that I’ve made so many incredible memories with, and this time of the year is so difficult for everyone entering their first year of college. It sucks to see your high school best friends go to different colleges, but that makes the times you do see them even more sweet!

Moving away from boys/ friends/ cliques, I’d like to talk a little about classes! My most important advice is to CHALLENGE YOURSELF. You’ll be so much less stressed if you apply yourself starting freshman year and continue to challenge yourself throughout your four years. This is something almost every senior will tell you. Blowing schoolwork off in your first couple years is only going to seriously hurt you in the long run. 

If anyone else is in or has gone to Catholic school, you’ll believe me when I say that uniforms are your best friend but also your worst enemy. Waking up in the morning with a set outfit to wear is a blessing, but sometimes you just really want to wear those cute new shoes that you just got.

Another thing Catholic-school-oriented is the extremely sheltered environment you’ll likely land in. During my four years of Catholic school, I did not learn sex ed until SENIOR. YEAR. And honestly, it wasn’t anything groundbreaking. It was well overdue, and pretty much every other member of my class agreed. 

Lastly, I’d like to just say to get involved! Play a sport you’ve never thought of before, go to all of the football games, and have school spirit! High school is the best time of your life— only if you make it that way! It’s that in between period of having (almost) no responsibilities, but also having (almost) complete freedom. ENJOY IT. 

All my love,

XO Chloe.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. Every single thing that you wrote are all worth reading for me because I’m always into anythings which is either about teens or high school. And your post has both. I actually loved the way you projected everything from a realistic perspective without over shadowing them with sugary stuff.


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