manifestation and the law of attraction


  • you first must understand the logic behind this. none of this is going to make sense to you unless you understand the general concept behind both manifestation and the law of attraction. i recommend watching margot lee’s youtube video to better understand the background of the loa. 


  • there are several general overviews that i want to go over before getting into the bulk of this post. these are the five basic principles behind turning what you want into a reality. they are:
    • clear your headspace
    • set your intentions
    • believe and trust that this intention will happen
    • make decisions that will lead you to your goal(s)
    • recognize successful manifestations and practice gratitude 
  • once you fully understand that there are real steps you must take to work for what you want before universe just hands you things you crave, you will begin to realize that your dreams are more attainable than you may believe. 

clear your headspace

  • release your disbelief in your power to be happy, successful, at peace, etc. and make sure you pray for this release! whether it be to God, or the universe, praying and manifesting aren’t really that dissimilar. 
  • stay open for signs from the universe, and show out for the opportunities brought to you. 
    • they aren’t always apparent, and maybe it’s even a seemingly negative thing. there is always a bright side.
    • make everything an opportunity for growth.
  • clarity is king when it comes to manifesting your desires — make your intentions clear and call them in.

set your intention

  • use “i will,” not “i want to.” using affirmative language will only enhance your abilities to make shit happen.
  • use positive language; what do you intend vs. what you don’t like about your life. 
  • be unapologetic about what you are trying to achieve.
  • make a list about things you like about your life and why, then add what you don’t necessarily love, but be sure to keep it positive

believe and trust that this intention will happen

  • speak your intention into existence! 
    • telling others about what you plan to do is making yourself credible for what you do/don’t achieve
  • believe that your intention is a reality that will come true (or is already true!)

make decisions that will lead you to your goal

  • don’t be afraid to take risks!
    • you won’t get anywhere you haven’t already been without putting yourself in new situations.
    • become open and willing with new experiences.
  • constantly remind yourself of your goal.
  • monitor the life of your manifestations.

recognize successful manifestations and practice gratitude 

  • what have you already successfully manifested into your life?
  • learn from your success.
    • what path did your manifested ideas take to become a reality?
    • what was easy and what was more difficult?
    • is this a short term or long term success?
    • is this a material or spiritual gain, or both?
  • remember that amazing things do not come out of greed and/or jealousy; they come from a place of gratitude, acceptance, and love.
  • thank the universe, yourself, and the process for delivering this intention.
  • embrace success and push it forward.

end note

manifestation is something i have been practicing for a few months now consciously, but i’ve only come to realize that i’ve been participating in manifestation for much longer than that. i’ve always had a very motivated mindset, and i didn’t realize that i was actually unintentionally manifesting. i journal. a lot. i write a lot. and looking back in my entries, i see a lot of things that i’m rambling about, many of which are wants. for example, in november of 2016 i can literally go back and read that i wanted to graduate high school with a certain gpa, which was not close to my gpa at the time of writing that. i achieved exactly what i set out to, without constantly thinking about the word manifestation. the power of decision is unreal, and i can’t even imagine what would’ve been the end result if i made the unconscious manifestation more conscious. 

keep your vibrations high, and the bad energy low, my friends!

all my love,

xo chloe. 


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