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a little update + the importance of self-love​

hello everyone! i’m back! 

i apologize for my short hiatus, the adjustment to college was a little rougher than i was anticipating, but things have smoothed out and i’m trying to get back on schedule… i promise. 

for today, i’m here to talk about the importance of self-love/ care. being in a new environment with new people has been a transition i never truly prepared myself for. i grew up an only child, and living with thirteen other girls has been absolutely incredible (suite 220 ily), BUT it definitely has been an adjustment. i was blessed with an awesome roommate, and i’m extremely grateful for her. 

despite the love i have for all of the people i live with, time alone and self-care is still very important. i still journal almost every day whenever i can, and if you know me you know journaling is a godsend for me. its a great way to write down the improvements you’re making, as well as letting go of the negative vibes you may be holding onto. also, its a great way to begin the process of manifesting your goals, which you all know is something i try to incorporate into my life. 

taking time away from school, friends, and any other real responsibilities is a great way to detox from… welllll, life. separating yourself from the rest of the world and focusing on you for an hour or so a couple times a week isn’t going to kill anyone, and i promise it does a lot for your mental state. this could mean working out, doing yoga, reading, listening to a podcast, literally anything that is dedicated to you and you alone. 

something i like to do every day is wake up and remind myself how grateful i am for every blessing in my life. my family, friends, job, education, dogs, etc are all huge parts of my life and i wouldn’t be the person i am today if i didn’t have all of the incredible people and things in my life. waking up every day and starting it with a grateful heart does wonders for the soul. 

smile at strangers. sing in the shower. have a little pep in your step. the world needs your positivity and your smile. but also remember it is okay not to be okay 100% of the time. you all know im a huge advocate of mental health, and i believe wholeheartedly that mental health is more important than anything else going on in your life. be sure to focus on yourself once in a while.


all my love, 

xoxo chloe 





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