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how to get sh*t done!

every year everyone says “this year is going to be my year!” and then in mid february, everything pretty much turns to shit. and that’s okay. but why does it have to be that way? why let your resolutions die out and have the same exact year as before? why repeat the year that made prompted you to want to enact change? it is a little too early for new years resolutions, but why does it take a new year for people to want to change? implementing positive change into your everyday life instead of just annually will inevitably create real change in your life. my goal today is to motivate you into being the absolute best version of you, not just in the first few weeks of the year!

the first step in this is to not let politics, the weather, or any other external source of overall shittiness change your attitude. you can’t determine the weather, what the president is up to (u can vote tho lol), or how your professors are treating your class. 10-page paper due in a week? cool, do it. it’s snowing and 10° out and you still have class? great, put on your snow boots and winter coat and get your butt out there! ADAPT! don’t let a bad situation ruin your vibes. shine through those dark clouds and spread some joy while you’re at it!

next, keep up with it! every day wake up and tell yourself it is going to be your best day yet. create goals for yourself and then reach them! tell others what you intend to do for the day to hold yourself accountable if you fail. always strive to be a better person than you are today. be the best you that you have to offer.

another tip i have is to get motivated to learn! learning is something that everyone should take extra time out of their day to do… i started this blog because it is something i am very passionate about, and learning is another thing i feel the same way about. a great tool for learning outside of the classroom is skillshare. skillshare is a website that allows its users to learn pretty much every topic under the sun all for under $10 a month. by using my code here, you can get your first two months for free. some topics they have are business classes, language classes, and social media/marketing classes, among thousands more. i currently am supplementing my learning in Spanish with courses on Skillshare, as well as learning how to kick ass on this blog!

lastly, spread whatever positivity you have to offer. tell loved ones you love them (better yet, show them you love them.) smile at strangers. buy the person behind you’s coffee. tell your teacher you appreciate them. humans are quite simple, and they really do appreciate the little things.

all my love,

xoxo chloe


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