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making the most of your weekends

making the most of your weekends: 

i like to think of my weekends as the perfect time to get yourself ready for the week ahead of you. here is how to do it to avoid the sunday scaries and be your best you. 

step one. set the mood:

good lighting is a must when trying to be productive. i love the string lights around my ceiling as well as a light box i have resting on my desk. find both here: lightbox +string lights. i like to have candles as well (don’t tell my RA, lol), because not only do they create a nice aroma throughout the space, they are also a nice and simple light source. 

music! here is a link to my favorite rainy days playlist, which i find perfect for both being productive and relaxation. a few november favs:

20 something // sza

ghost town // kanye west

lo que siento // cuco 

loving is easy // rex orange county 

step two: skin care:

having an extensive skin care routine in college is a challenge, but the weekends do make it a little easier. i put on my favorite masks, (burts bees eye masks) + (LUSH mask of magnanimity), i scrubbb (LUSH facial scrub), and i HASK (HASK gift set). along with this, i’ll exfoliate and put on some jergens natural glow (jergens) & my st tropez face tanner (face tanner). 

step 3. productivity:

sundays are the day where i like to get everything i can possibly get done for the upcoming week. any papers that are due, i’ll finish. if i have a test, i’ll begin to study. anything regarding school that can be done, do it. you’ll thank yourself later in the week.

step 4. cleaning:

oddly enough, this last step is by far my favorite part of all the fun weekends have to offer. i’ll windex my mirrors, clorox my desk, fridge, doorknob, everything, i’ll do all my laundry, wash my sheets, vacuum. basically everything your mom used to nag you to do but you never really did well, do it well! if you’re in college, cleaning is up to you and it’s nice to be in a clean room! especially with all of the illness that spread in the petri dish people call dorms. 

the weekends are the perfect time to detox from a hectic week and especially make your upcoming week a little easier on you. sometimes its hard to get away from everything that life has to throw at you, but do your best to make your life a little easier! 

all my love,

xoxo chloe


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