Hi everyone! I want to show you guys how I have my dorm room set up here at school! It took me a little while to get my room set up and organized the way I like, but I feel like I finally have it set up the way that works best for me. Sooo, without further adieu, here is me rambling about what my room looks like!

PS. These pics were taken before Thanksgiving and OF COURSE, I’ve since decorated it for the Holidays!


Here is a (kind of) general overview of the space. It is a bit larger than this, but it was difficult to get it all in one picture. Obviously, my roommate and I split it, so I’ll just be showing my half! I got the Jersey Shore tapestry from Society6 and my bedding from Target! The pictures above my bed I also got printed at Target, as well as most of the stuff on my desk, but more on that later!


This is the entry/ doorway of my room and it’s preeeetty standard. I have a mirror from Marshalls, a little piece of customizable art and a purse hook on the wall! I keep my towels, belts and sometimes a jacket if I don’t feel like hanging it up on the coat rack outside the room! And finally, on the wall, I have little DIY key hooks for my roommate and I’s keys/ IDs! Super handy for quickly hanging up keys when you walk in the room and quickly grabbing them when you leave!



Next is the closet area. I actually have a decently sized closet, and am able to keep a lot of stuff in it! You can clearly see what I have stored here, from extra food to cleaning supplies. (I apologize for “yoga mal” lolol). I want to point out one thing here– the makeup eraser!! It’s an AWESOME tool for removing makeup without using one-time-use makeup wipes. It’s a reusable washcloth that literally takes away every speck of makeup on your face, and all you have to do to clean it is wash it the way you’d wash any other washcloth! It’s great for the environment and also not so harsh on your skin!


Under my bed here I have really basic stuff, a hamper, extra shoes, bins of overflow clothes, food, etc.. The only remotely interesting thing was something I couldn’t get a good picture of, but it is the little storage unit all the way to the left (AND to the right). This bad boy is a buildable and totally customizable set of shelves that are great for small areas like dorm rooms! On the one on the right, I keep my shoes and (you can’t see it but) I also keep coffee, vitamin water, and utensils! The one on the left has all of my hair stuff, a DIY first aid kit and a bin of food! I also have all of my jewelry on top of it, along with some perfume and emergency chapstick. You can find a similar set on Amazon!


On my windowsill (more properly, my air conditioning unit), I have a huge excess of face stuff. I have my ride-or-die Clinique facial exfoliant– which does wonders in the Winter when your skin is extra dry! I have some eye makeup remover, witch hazel, and C&C Acne Treatment. I also have a plethora of chapsticks and trial-sized perfume. Moving on, I have my favorite Essie nail polishes, Mario Badescu facial sprays, a LUSH lip scrub, and setting spray. I have my mascara and more overflow lip product, makeup brushes and vitamins!!! These three on my windowsill are melatonin because ya girl is a restless sleeper, biotin, and vitamin C. These three are the three I am trying to focus on the most, and the rest from HUM Nutrition are in a drawer in my desk.


Lastly, I have a little desk tour! It’s pretty self-explanatory, but I did get pretty much everything you see here from either Target or Marshalls!

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Sorry, it was a little all over the place, but I tried to make it as helpful as possible!

All my love,
Xoxo Chloe


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