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Holiday Gift Guides!

With the holidays quickly approaching, I figured I’d use this as an opportunity to share a guide to gift giving, from the perspective of someone who is obsessed with… things. Anyone who has been in my room can attest to the fact that I’m definitely a slight hoarder. Let me put my shopping addiction onto you, and share some insight on how to get your loved ones the perfect gift— just in time for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday! Let’s go!

Boyfriends. (or boys who are friends!)

Boyfriends are IMPOSSIBLE to shop for, especially if yours is as simple as mine is… One of my go-to’s is definitely cologne. Calvin Klein’s ck one is an all time fav, and Ralph Lauren’s Polo Ultra Blue is also a goodie. Concert tickets (or tickets of any kind) are an excellent gift because it’s something you both can enjoy! Use my promo code for Seat Geek and get $20 this holiday season! ( Boys also will love a comfy pair of boxers or socks if you’re looking for something simple that is also super practical. 

Girlfriends. (or girls who are friends!)

Girls can sometimes be tricky, and the perfect gift definitely depends on what kind of girl you’re shopping for. If your gal is more girly, she’d love a nice perfume. You can get a nice sample of different fragrances to give her some variety to pick from. I love philosophy and a great collection is the heart of grace collection. Another all-time favorite of mine is Viva la Juicy. If you’re doing a Secret Santa with some of your besties, some great little gifts for under $25 are here. Lastly, a perfect gift idea for every girl is a monogram necklace. These have been a staple this year, and personally, I think they are the cutest. Get one from Anthropologie here. 


Parents can sometimes be tricky to shop for, especially if your family is like mine and you never really had to shop for a parent because the other parent did it for you and just put your name on it. Getting your parents a gift card for a date night would be a great idea. If they like the movies, try seeing if there is a Movie Tavern near you so they can get dinner and a movie to a film they can enjoy together. 

For mom—

Moms love candles… This is a proven and scientific fact. Getting your mom a candle you think she’ll love and customize it to have a picture of you on it is a beautiful gift. You could also get your mom a nice, new pair of slippers for at home. Ugg has excellent options online.

For dad— 

Dads also love slippers, and getting mom and dad matching ones is pretty much the cutest thing ever. (This also applies to PJs!!)

For you.

If you’re like me, and your all-time mantra is “Treat Yo Self,” then this is where you want to be!! My first ALL. TIME. FAV. are Pura Vida bracelets. Seriously, who doesn’t like a little extra color on their wrists?! Check out my link to get up to 50% off on your purchase. Next, I always feel a little guilty when I treat myself if it isn’t at least a little but necessary… My next recommendation is checking out Hum Nutrition. If you’re an OG, you know I’m a ride or die Hum girl. My go-to is their Hair Sweet Hair gummies and their  Beauty ZZZ (helps TREMENDOUSLY for restless sleepers like me). Sign up today and get $10 free (using my code 13ED34) as well as your personalized guide to all your vitamin needs. Lastly, check out one of my favorite brands Have Some Fun Today. HSFT is a clothing brand that has the cutest stuff, and is dedicated to exactly what it seems– having some fun! I love the energy on their Instagram as well so check that out for some daily inspo!

Shopping can be stressful, especially for people who just seem to have everything. Hopefully, this guide gave you some insight. I do have one last money saving secret… and it’s Honey. Honey is an extension to add to Safari, Chrome, whatever, and by using this link (, and pressing download will instantly save money every time you order something online. I’ve had it for almost a year, and its something I regret not having sooner. Honey searches the web and automatically applies coupons for you at checkout. It’s the easiest thing you can do to help yourself save some extra $! And, if you’re a student make sure to check out Student Beans! It’s a similar type of service, except it’s exclusively for students who are pursuing a higher education. Just sign up using your school email, and boom! You’re already saving!

All my love,

Xoxo Chloe 


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