manifestation and the law of attraction

preface you first must understand the logic behind this. none of this is going to make sense to you unless you understand the general concept behind both manifestation and the law of attraction. i recommend watching margot lee’s youtube video to better understand the background of the loa.  introduction there are several general overviews that… Continue reading manifestation and the law of attraction



With school starting back up for everyone within the next few weeks, I’ve decided to use today's post as a way to share some of my advice, tips, and stories all about high school. Disclaimer: I did go to a Catholic High school, so some of the things I’m about to talk about are specific… Continue reading HIGH SCHOOL ADVICE

Reflecting, Improving, Growing

I’m not the type of person to be absolutely shocked by the coming of a new month, and I actually can’t recall a time where that was the case… before August 2018. This Summer has gone by unbelievably quick, and I’m not sure if its because I’m preparing to go off to my first year… Continue reading Reflecting, Improving, Growing